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There is Nothing New Under The Sun

Attempts by anti-Christian forces to create a sensation out of blasphemies directed at our Lord Jesus Christ are never-ending. Currently, on a par with the so-called Gospel of Judas, an all-out effort is being made to popularize a book called The Da Vinci Code, which contains flagrant blasphemy about Christs supposed progeny from St. Mary Magdalene.

This particular blasphemy is not new; it is simply being presented in a new wrapping in accordance with the tastes and state of mind of modern society. The first attempt to introduce this blasphemy was made over 20 years ago, but since the average society of those times possessed a higher degree of intelligence than the current one, the whole matter was presented in the form of a serious historical investigation, titled Holy Blood, Holy Grail, written in the early 80s of last century by three correspondents. At that time, however, the affair met with a marked lack of success. Now, after a brief waiting period, another attempt has been made, but adapting to the fact that in the meantime society has mentally degenerated, the blasphemy has been presented in the form of an adventurous thriller; moreover, an analogous film has been produced, featuring one of Americas leading actors. Both the book and the film are aggressively being propagandized and imposed upon the general public.

The blasphemy in its current wrapping can simply be written off as so much trash, but the earlier attempt the so-called historical investigation merits some attention, for it incorporates a typical ruse used by the evil forces: to present falsehood preceded by truth, in the hopes that the falsehood would then automatically also be accepted as truth. The writers of the book themselves were equally deceived: they were led towards the blasphemy by way of being offered various archives which partially lifted the veil of secrecy from the truth of world history, from the true moving forces behind various historical events. It is this partially unveiled truth that is of interest to us.

It turns out that after the destruction of Jerusalem by Roman forces in circa 70 A.D., there occurred a massive emigration of the Jews to France via the port of Marseilles, resulting in a dense settlement of France and dispersion throughout all of Europe, particularly England (which explains the Judophilism of these two countries to this day). By the early Middle Ages the Judean elders already influenced the course of European history through their role as kings advisors. Various secret societies began to appear. Thus, for example, official history mentions the medieval society of the Albigensians, members of one of the Cathar sects, who are usually regarded as enlightened, progressive, religiously tolerant people whom the Catholic Church unjustly persecuted for difference of belief. The three correspondents uncovered materials relating to the Albigensians last stand against the church authorities: the Albigensians shut themselves up in their city-fortress of Albi in the south of France, which was persistently besieged by royal troops. For a long time the Albigensians resisted, then suddenly gave up, the fortress was completely razed, and all its inhabitants were killed. The journalists investigated the reason why the Albigensians resisted until a certain moment and then inexplicably gave up. It turned out that they were waiting until the day of one of their major religious feasts, after which their leaders secretly escaped with their prime sacred object the head of the idol Baphomet (i.e. Satan), abandoning the remaining inhabitants of the fortress to the mercy of the besieging forces. Thus this religiously-enlightened society turned out to be none other than a cult of Satanists!

Perhaps one of the most interesting moments of behind-the-scenes history uncovered by the journalists concerns the true motivation for the Crusades. In school we were always taught about this seemingly glorious period of medieval history, wherein the Christian knights of Europe nobly went off to liberate the Holy Land from the Saracens. However, the question arises: why were there eight Crusades and why did they all end in failure? The amazing answer is presented to us by the three journalists, who discovered the real reason among the archives they had obtained: it turns out that when Jerusalem was being destroyed by the Romans, and the Jews were forced to flee, the high priests of the temple buried deep down under it the untold treasures, mainly gold, which they had amassed throughout the centuries from the temple donations they collected from the people. Centuries later, after becoming firmly established in the various European nations, they decided to free these treasures and transfer them to Europe. A special secret society of so-called Knights Templar was set up, whose mission was specifically to achieve this goal, (although official history again presents the Templars to us as guardians of the holy sites in the Holy Land). Through the European kings and rulers that were beholden to them, the Judean elders raised an outcry about the supposed need to go and save the holy city of Jerusalem from the infidels. The Europeans of those times were still deeply religious, and so the guileless Christian knights, together with their retinues, responded sincerely to this call and went off to shed their blood for Christ. At first Jerusalem would be taken by the Christian forces, and while the city was in the hands of the Crusaders, the order of the Templars engaged in digging out the treasures from beneath the temple and then taking them out of the city. After a while the Saracens would grow stronger and would regain the city from the Crusaders. This is the reason why several Crusades were needed to ensure the retrieval and transfer of all the riches. When the Templars took everything out, the city was given back to the infidels for good.

Such was the reality behind the official facade of history, turning out to be a much more fascinating detective story than all the fabrications of The Da Vinci Code. The three journalists who, according to their lights, conducted an objective investigation, but in the final analysis fell for the bait of blasphemy, nevertheless did us a service by uncovering the truth of some historical events.

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