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Our Lord Jesus ChristOur Lord Jesus Christ
The Nativity of Christ
A historical account of the Nativity
The Nativity of Christ
The Nativity of Christ then and now
Adam, where art thou?
The Adoration of the Magi
Feast of the chosen. Homily for the Nativity of our Lord
Homily for the Sunday of the Holy Fathers
A Christmas gift for the Christ-Child
Homily for the Feast of Christs Nativity
Christ comes from heaven meet ye him!
Thoughts on the Nativity of Christ

The Life-Giving Cross

The significance of the Baptism of our Lord
The Miracle of Theophany
Homily for the Theophany
Homily for the Baptism of Our Lord
The Baptism of our Lord
Discourse On Saint John The Baptist


The Life-Giving Cross
Homily for the Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross and the feast of the holy martyrs Faith, Hope, Charity, and their mother Sophia
The Length and Height of the Cross Is Equal to Heaven
Our cross and the Cross of Christ
On the three components of the Life-Giving Cross
The Lords Cross in the life of saints and sinners
The teaching on the cross
Ones own cross and the cross of Christ
The universal exaltation and elevation of the holy and live-giving cross of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ
The Resurrection of Christ
The Joy of Christs Resurrection
Homily for the Holy Day of Pascha
Homily for Great Friday
Homily Given before the Holy Shroud on the Holy and Great Saturday
Great and Blessed Saturday
The Conqueror of Death
The passion of Christ
The radiant Feast
The Ascension of Our Lord
Palm Sunday
Sunday Of Thomas
Christs descent into hell and his resurrection
Homily on the holy day of Pascha
Pascha The Resurrection Of Our Lord
Women During the Days of Christs Suffering and Resurrection

The Holy Trinity
Why did the Holy Spirit appear as fire?
Homily for the feast of the Holy Trinity
The Trinity
Andrei Rublevs Icon of the Holy Trinity
The Earths Namesday
The Pentecost
The meaning of grace in the life of a Christian
The Descent of the Holy Spirit Upon the Apostles
Significance Of The Pentecostal Prayers
The Holy Trinity An Image Of Conciliarity
The Comforter
The Holy Pentecost Birthday Of The Church Of Christ
What we must do in order for the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in us

The Three Saviours
The Savior Not-Made-By-Hands
The Legal Aspects of the Saviours Trial
It Is Finished!
The Resurrection of Lazarus
Entrance of Our Lord into Jerusalem
The Meeting of Our Lord
Christ on Trial Before Pilate
The Ascension of Our Lord

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