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On Pasca Day
Christ is Risen (1)
Christ is Risen (2)
Paschal Night
Paschal Morning
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As of Yore

On Pascha day, a skylark played
And on the airy pathways rode.
To azure heights he was conveyed;
He sang a Resurrection ode.
That pristine song was then repeated
By fields and hills the woods did sing.
Awake, O earth! they thus entreated,
Awake and greet your risen King!
Awake, O mountain, stream, and dale,
And praise Him with the Seraph bands,
For death Hes made of no avail!
Rejoice, you verdant timberlands!
O silver lily, columbine,
And violet, blossom out with awe
And waft your fragrances divine
To Him Whos made of love a Law!


O laud the Lord from the heavens
And sing with joy never-ending:
His miracles fill the earth
With inexpressible splendor.

O laud Him, ye bodiless powers
And hosts of immortal angels:
From mournful sepulchers’ darkness
Shines forth the Light of the ages.

O laud the Lord from the heavens,
Ye hills, and cliffs, and mountains!
Hosanna! The fear of dying
Is gone, and our gazes are lightened.

O laud the Lord, seas’ horizons
And vast and limitless ocean!
May silent fall all earth’s sorrow
And desperate lamentation!

O laud the Lord from the heavens,
And glorify Him, o ye mortals!
Our Lord Christ is risen! He’s risen
And trampled death for all ages!


K. R.

Translated by Natalia Sheniloff



Christ is risen! The night still waited for the gift of grace -
A night of mysteries and earthly woes.
A host of stars sailed through the boundless space,
Filling the quiet with their sparkling glow.
Still silent were the celestial lyres strains,
And yet an unseen hand had touched their strings,
And down the starry path into the world of pain
An angel came - tidings of joy to bring
And to erase the brand of evil counsels shame.
From the tombs entrance he removed the stone.
His countenance shone brightly like the sacred flame.
His eyes were bolts of lightning in a storm.
Then Christ is risen! heard the world for the first time,
That sound ineffable of the heavenly choir,
And on the earth the bells of night began to chime.
Since that night Christ is risen! sings the world entire
- V. Utrenev
Translated by Kosara Gavrilovic


Daybreak came, the sunrise flamed,
The deserts lifeless visage reddened;
The jackal slept, the bird awoke.
They came to look the tomb was bare!
The myrrh-bearing women quickly fled
To spread the great miraculous news:
That He was gone and should be sought!
He said: I will arise! and did!
They ran off speechless and bewildered
That theres no death, that time will come
When their own tombs will be as bare,
Illumined by the heavens fire!
- K.K. Sluchevsky (1837 1904)
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff


Everywhere the bells are ringing,
From all churches crowds are streaming,
Daybreak peeps out of the skies
Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

In the fields the snow has melted,
Rivers burst out of their bounds,
All the woods are freshly greening
Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

Now the earth is all awaking,
And the fields are richly preening,
Full of wonders, spring is coming
Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

- A. Maykov-
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff


When of salvation there is seemingly no hope
And you are overpowered by a wicked demon,
Say to yourself these words of joy and cheer:
Bells ringing on Pascha.
Christ is risen!

Do not say everything is lost
And miracles no longer can be seen -
The Lord has plucked from death its sting:
Christ is risen!

When all around you darkest tempests rage
And rays of hope have disappeared,
Do not despair and bow your head:
Christ is risen!

The soul is filled with radiant light,
The heart yearns upward into heaven
When angels joyously proclaim:
Christ is risen!

- A. Korovay-Metelitsky.
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APRIL Christ is risen!
Christ is risen!
Under the sun the larks are circling
And singing Christ is risen!
In the bushes the robins are perching
And warbling Christ is risen!
At the windows the swallows are flitting
And trilling Christ is risen!
The merry hearts of youths and maidens
Are singing Christ is risen!
And in response
From under ground
The dear departed
Without a sound
Proclaim: Yea,
Truly He is risen!
- Maikov
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff
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Springtime skies
Are deep and mellow.
Through the fence
Peep blooms of yellow.
As soon as bright stars
Light up the heaven,
Im out in the field
With thoughts of the Saviour.
From church to village,
Across the stream,
The bells their message
Afar will ring.
The winged flight
Of angels Ill hear,
The Risen Ones steps
Hes near, Hes near
My orphaned soul
His light will embrace.
Ill worship, O Lord,
Thy unseen trace.
- Alexander Roslavlev (1883 1920)
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff
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Christ is risen! With the dawn
The long nights shadow fades away,
And once again above the earth
A new lifes lit by a new day.

Still darkly stand the forest groves,
Still in their damp and shady depth
The lakes like crystal mirrors lie,
Inhaling nights refreshing breath.

Still in the valleys bluish haze
The fogs are drifting But behold:
The mountain glaciers glow already
With early dawns soft radiant lights!

For now theyre shining in the heights
That are beyond all human reach,
Where earthly voices silence keep
And beautys pure and incorrupt.

But with each hour, as dawn draws near,
Descending from the rose-tipped peaks,
They will light up and spread their fire
Into the depth of woods and dells.

And they will dazzle with their beauty,
Proclaiming from the heights the reason
That now has come the day of promise,
That Christ our God is truly risen!
- Ivan Bunin
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff
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Day of Pascha

Two letters only, but they shine

In our hearts as dawn eternal,

And to the earth they bring good tidings

Of life perpetual and diurnal.

They flow in bubbling brooks of spring,

In steppes and mountains, in the plains,

In deepest chasms and elevations,

And to the Sun of joy they summon.

They cannot be erased, extinguished,

Nor drowned in waters of oblivion.

They cannot die, nor yet decay,

They have the power to live forever.

They greet us like the midnight stars

And like the light of dawn unfading,

A covenant without an end,

And peace for ages unto ages.

– V. Utrenev
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff


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Paschal bells 

On the day of Christ’s great Resurrection

Behold, how over the earth the sun does rise,

Just as though once more from ancient darkness

Shines the Light of that unsetting day.


With rainbow-colored, diamond, and sapphire fires,

And blooming roses glows the festive sky,

As though all hues and colors of the world

Now brightly celebrate this rising Day.


Though in iniquity lies our modern world,

And Satan reigns over his human slaves,

Yet mankind glorifies Christ as of yore

And sings of Him in heaven and on earth.


 – V. Utrenev

Translated by Natalia Sheniloff


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The Myrrh-bearers 

The day has come, the dawn’s aflame,

The drowsy steppe is glowing red;

The jackal’s sleeping, the bird awoke…

They came to look – the tomb was bare!

The myrrhbearing women then ran off

To tell the miracle of miracles:

That He was gone, should not be sought,

He said: “I will arise!” – and did!

They run in silence… unbelieving…

That death’s no more, that time will come –

Their tombs will also become bare,

Alit with a celestial fire!


 – K. Sluchevskiy

 – Translated by Natalia Sheniloff


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Christ is risen! He, King of worlds,

The sovereign of mighty kings,

With all humility and solemn love,

His holy blood in great redemption

Has shed for our sinful world.

Christ is risen! He gave mankind

The pledge of holy all-forgiveness,

He granted mercy to the fallen,

And bade for our sacred convictions

We suffer just as He had suffered.

Christ is risen! He proclaimed

That all the people on earth are brethren,

With love He did renew the world,

Forgave His enemies from the cross,

And opened His embrace to us.

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

May these triumphant joyous sounds,

Like angels’ singing in the heavens,

Disperse all sorrow, malice, torment!

Let us all join brotherly hands,

Let us embrace all! Christ is risen!


  • K. Rocher
  • Translated by Natalia Sheniloff




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Zion sleeps and malice dozes,

The King of kings sleeps in His tomb,

The rock is sealed at the tomb's entrance,

And guards are standing at the door.

The silent night enfolds the garden,

The fearsome guards are not asleep:

Their keen hearing does not slumber,

The distance they alertly watch.

The night is past. To Messiah's tomb,

And bearing aromatic myrrhs,

The saddened Marys now do come –

Anxiety is in their faces,

A great concern does trouble them:

Who with a mighty hand now

Will heave away the heavy stone

From the cave's entrance and the tomb?


And as they both gaze in amazement,

They see the stone has been removed,

And at the entrance to the tomb

The fearsome guards lie as though dead.

While in the tomb, now full of light,

There's someone wondrous and unearthly,

Attired in vestments of pure white,

And sitting quietly on the stone.

The glow of the celestial visage

Is brighter than the shine of lightning!

The myrrhbearing women stand afeared,

Their hearts atremble with great awe!

“Why are ye, timid ones, distressed?”

The holy messenger inquired,

“Return to your respective homes

With news of peace and of salvation.

I have been sent down by the Heavens

To bring glad tidings now to you:

There are no Living with the dead here,

The tomb is empty, Christ is risen!”

The myrrhbearing women hasten away,

And with great rapture and delight

Their lips will preach to astounded Zion

The wondrous Resurrection of Christ.


M. Yelenov

Translated by Natalia Sheniloff





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